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Bitcoin uždarbio apžvalgos m. Bitcoin fx prekyba, Coinbase bot trading. Horizontalios tendencijų linijos. Jums gali patikti Youtube prekybos botas, kas yra bitconnect? Bitcoin bot, Kaip prekybos Biržoje cryptocurrency Naujienos; Dlions; Modeliavimas; Siuvinjimas; Pixel Art; Yra tikimyb, jog jose rasite t, apie k prie tai net nebuvote pagalvoj.

Post by laurizas » Wed May 19, pm Bogleheads forumas ką tik uždraudė diskusijas apie crypto, kaip investavimo strategijos, klausimais: wrote: Why are we doing this? Although the tagline of this site is Investing Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle, we have never previously had any rules regarding bitcoin investment uk types of investments and investment strategies that could be discussed here.

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I have always felt that it was unnecessary as I could rely on our members to appropriately respond to questionable advice and ideas. Indeed, in my opinion, these discussions are an essential part of the value of the site.

bitcoin investment uk

However in the case of crypto, the message is so dangerous and the backers are so numerous and relentless that we feel we are asking too much of our members who are trying to counter their claims. Also, the sheer number of positive posts about crypto on this site already appears to be leading some unsophisticated investors to believe that these are investments in the traditional sense or that crypto investing somehow has the backing of the Bogleheads community.

We have also witnessed what happened to other sites in the recent GameStop saga and wish to have a policy prohibiting any such type of attempted market manipulation on this site before it becomes an issue.

bitcoin investment uk

What's our problem with cryptocurrency? It is my and the Advisory Board's feeling that the cryptocurrency market as currently constituted is extraordinarily risky and should not play a significant role in a prudent investor's portfolio.

bitcoin investment uk

The risks go far beyond what we are used to dealing with in regulated market securities. Crypto exposes you to non-market risks such as losing the keys necessary to claim your ownership of the tokens, having your tokens stolen by hackers or the operators of the exchange holding them, or having your tokens on an exchange seized by government agencies.


All of these have already occurred on multiple occasions. And then there is the largest risk of all. In a very real sense, crypto tokens are already bankrupt. They have a literal value of nothing, they have a future value of nothing.

bitcoin investment uk

Thus their price depends entirely on whether enough people are willing to ignore this fact and exchange real money for nothing. The only basis for buying them is the hope the the price will go up because it has gone up before. We have a year history of fads like this in the financial markets, none yra bitcoin sukčiavimas them ended well, Note - This bitcoin investment uk is limited to discussions of investing strategies.

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Discussions of cryptocurrencies in other contexts is still acceptable, for example for money transfers or microtransactions or the current thread on crypto trades and tax loss harvesting.