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Vyresnysis prodiuseris, kuriam nuo pirmosios parodos dienos padėjo tai padaryti, yra Adomas.


Skaitykite toliau, skaitykite DI: kam jūs turėjote proto kovoti, kad gautumėte šį nuostabų darbą? Jie žinojo, kad pasitraukia iš politiškai neteisingų dalykų, o straipsnio pabaigoje paminėjo, kad nori pakeisti PI aktualia tema.

Kažkas man spustelėjo, sužinojau, kas veda dar neįvardytą šou Madeleine Smithberg ir Lizz Winsteadnusiunčiau jiems laišką ir jie paskambino man į pokalbį.

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DI: I can't imagine what the interview was like. Did you have to watch C-Span and pull possible soundbites out? Any comments for CNN! DI: The Daily Show's ratings have soared since you first started.

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Has the popularity changed the job at all? AC: No, I try not to pay attention to ratings. I just come in every day and do my thing.

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  • Сьюзан стояла, завернувшись в мохнатое полотенце, не замечая, что вода капает на аккуратно сложенные веши, приготовленные накануне: шорты, свитер - на случай прохладных вечеров в горах, - новую ночную рубашку.

DI: What's the worst part about your job? AC: Probably the commute, but that's my choice - I chose to live in Brooklyn, and the bitcoin davėjas all the nightline bitcoin over on the West Side between 11th and 12th, so it's a bit of a schlep, but I really enjoy Brooklyn, so I can live with it.

DI: And the best?

Skaičiavimai yra paprasti: Mes pradedame nuo pirmojo turimo duomenų taško šiuo atveju - m.

AC: Working with comedic geniuses. I've always loved comedy, and to work with people who operate at just such an incredibly high level is nightline bitcoin amazing.

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Jon and the writers' intellectual firepower is astounding - I've been there over 13 years, and I'm still constantly floored by their ability to come with these brilliant jokes and concepts. DI: What's the one or two bits of research you've unearthed that you're most proud of? AC: It's tough, because of the constant nature of the show, it's hard to remember what I did yesterday.

I like finding stuff that just totally neutralizes arguments or talking points.

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For example, when McCain was on that socialism kick toward the end of the campaign, I wondered if there was any chance at all from the time he opposed the Bush tax cuts that someone confronted McCain with the socialism argument.

It was a total shot in the dark, but I started poking around, and I found a Hardball from around that period in which McCain is confronted by some college student whining why her doctor dad has to pay more in taxes - she actually said nightline bitcoin to the effect of "Isn't that socialism?

It was just perfect.

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Another one in that category is when Nightline bitcoin Cheney said "You can't go by the polls" to support something he was doing, but I went back and found him on Nightline citing poll numbers to support another thing he was doing. But it's not just clips, I also like finding facts that the writers can use, whether for a headline, a 2nd Act, or a guest interview. I get satisfaction from breaking down an eight-hour hearing into the ten nightline bitcoin highlights that the writers can use, or finding patterns or good set-up lines on the Sunday morning shows.

I also pride myself on finding original pieces of research that will be unique to The Daily Show. From my perspective, that's when the show really shines - when we produce material that is unique and rigorous, it really sets us apart from the rest of the media world out there. I'm also becoming more active in working on the guest segments - if I can prepare Jon for a counter-argument Barney Frank or John Bolton is going to use, I can go home happy.

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DI: When The Colbert Report spun off, was there the temptation to move on and try something slightly different? AC: No, it didn't really affect us. DI: When you're not working, what are nightline bitcoin up to?

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AC: Reading, going to the movies, walking around the city, going to the gym. Oh, and there's my Monchichi collection, but I only concern myself with that when I visit my warehouse in New Jersey. DI: You've probably had the privilege of meeting some pretty cool guests. Any unusual stories about meeting any of them?

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My most star struck moment was when I met Hank Azaria - I'm a huge Simpsons fan, so I printed out a picture of Apu and wanted Hank to sign it with my favorite Apu line - "Must you dump on everything we do?

You finally reach the end, you're almost there, and YOU say "There she is!

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The world's first convenience store! And then Homer says, "This isn't very convenient.

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That was fun.